Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mid-Day Routine

Long-legged strides they cover
slate colored pavement cracked & faded
over which, red-gold, green and yellow leaves hover.
The breeze tumbles detritus, twigs and long-bladed
yellow-green fingers of decorative vegetation
a no parking or standing fire sign lazily leans,
echoes of footfalls of reverberation
from rubber-soled shoes in an arcade
of delivery trucks, cars, and buildings
whose dwellers engage
in a rather chaotic dance, influenced
by routine and random decisions
navigating the gauntlet of capitalism’s moving
parts. His hood falls at his increase in
pace, rounding the corner, away, proving
endurance versus the wind tunnel
formed by haphazard juxtaposition
of constructs of brick, mortar, and plaster.
As spectators watch three Affenpinschers play
long-legged strides glide away
ever faster.