Sunday, May 22, 2011

Eve of a Dedication

Flash Fiction 55

Write a poem (or Flash Fiction 55)
—inspired by Walter Parada’s work


     "Thistus!  I'm telling you that's him!"

     "How would you know, Aemilianus, everybody knows, Emperor Charlemagne forbade children at the games."

     "Did I say I just walked in through the gates of the Arena?  No, I..... sneaked in at the bottom of the refuse cart."

     "Ha, ha!  Aemilianus the rubbish boy!  Rubbish..."

     "Shut up, Faustus!  You two will be green with envy tomorrow, when Titus, is in front of the line at the festival."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Scene

This is my entry for flash fiction fridays, another good prompt this week.  Unlike, last week I will definitely be backing this one up since my last entry for flash fiction friday was deleted due to a malfunctioning Blogger Site.

Prompt: Write a story of a negotiation and have your characters use at least two tactics
Genre: Any
Word Count: 1000 words

From site 6 ways to prove batman is a pimp

      "Look 'ere, dig, you gon' have ta give up somethin', ifn you wanna work dis here track."

      "You country boys got some nerve", his voice not much above a whisper.  "It would be a grave mistake to play me cheap".  He chuckles softly as he spreads his feet apart and places his hands behind his back, wrist in hand.  Displaying a sly smile, "Perhaps, we can work something out".

      A reedy voice pipes in "Dat' depend on watchu got in mind, big tyme.  New playas mean les' fo' 'erybody.  Drawing attention to his blood red suede blazer by brushing his hands down one sleeve, then the other.
     "Less!  That just shows me that I made the right decision by coming down here and showing you boys how to work this track.  The way I got it figured, we can all get paid. Who knows, I might just double your take."  His sardonic grin, expressing anything but sincerity.

     "Look 'ere, you fer real, why not sho' us a little somethin'.  Uh cupple of ya' benchwarmers should do the tric'."  Rubbing his hands together, and licking his top lip in anticipation of the answer.

     "Maybe, you transfer members of your stable back and forth, like so many bargaining chips but, I have a little more regard for those that walk the stroll for me."  He tucks his top lip in mock thought, tilting his head to the side slightly.  "Actually, I might be willing to lend you my top earner for say, two months."

     Still primping, now straightening his belt beneath his suede jacket, he pipes in, "we was thinkin' more lyk fo'."

     Tilting his head to one side and then the other, he slowly nods, "I think, I can agree to that."  His accompanying wry grin suggesting more machinations to come.  "But, what's exactly in it for me."  The intervening silence made awkward by the blank looks on the visages of his two would be adversaries.

     "Look 'ere, playa', you ken werk erything frum riversyd ta dakota."

     His partner's reedy voice pipes in, "dat's fitteen blocks a pryme real ehstayt, you ain't gon' get dat kinda deal no'where."

     "Where should I send Minxy to, in order to seal the deal."

     "Right 'ere be nice, 'bout two nights frum now, round saym tyme."

     With one last nod, he smoothly turns on his heel and glides away into the inky, fog shrouded night, wearing a wide grin and whistling a wordless tune, he had learned from his mother long ago.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Desperate Measures

Today’s One Shoot Sunday Poetry challenge: Write a poem (or Flash Fiction 55) based on 1 of Fee Easton's photos out of the 5

Photograph by FEE EASTON

     In a last ditch effort, I snatched off Grendella's hood and with a flick of the wrist, she took flight.  Her majestic form gained altitude quickly, and I hoped the inexperienced rearguard would notice her signal and send reinforcement.  All seemed lost...

      "For the black lion!"  Accompanied a cacophonous clash of steel, which littered the ground with torn body parts and dented or broken armor.

Poem: Another Commencement

This poem will be my submission for One Shot Wednesday @One Stop  I just visited their site and I see they have a new prompt challenge up with a choice of 5 pictures from which to choose.  That just might be too tempting for me to pass up for a flash fiction 55 opportunity!

Busy, a description.

Used for a moment, a scene, a person.

Babies, kids, adolescents, adults:  elderly, mature, and young

walking and dancing with bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks.

Converge across sections.

Rush for the shining dome, to be first in.

Security, gatekeepers, proctors, officials:  high, lesser, and adjuncts

orbiting tables and stands of vendors of flowers, souvenirs, food, and other junk.

Precede the procession.

Robed carriers of distinct signs, skirt in.

Stone stairs, stadium seats, and removed field reserved for acts of fun

Associates, bachelors, masters, doctors all conferred from behind the podium.