Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mr. Haskel

I definitely need to put my tinfoil hat on more often, I had no idea that people subscribed to many of the top 20 conspiracies.  This was a great challenge of a prompt, however, I do not know if I did it justice.  Also, as you will see some of the text is in bold and some isn't, it's not an indication of emphasis or lack there of, in relation to the story.  I tried several times to turn off the bold and then in the middle of a paragraph, the bold just turned off by itself.  I'll just chalk it up to one more weird occurrence happening lately with the Blogger site. Enjoy or tell me what you didn't like that always helpful.

 Flash Fiction Friday Challenge

Prompt: Write a story based on a common conspiracy theory
Genre: Any

Glacier in Kenai Fjords park
Photograph taken from the website:

     "Behold son, you could be lookin' upon one of the last of the great glaciers", his belly shakes with mirth at the thought of all the tinfoil heads in such a tizzy over a little rise in temperature, the last couple years.   Temperatures rose and fell throughout history, sometimes its hot, sometimes its cold, what's the big deal.

     "Mr. Haskel says, that man, is somewhat to blame for all the strange weather we be havin'"

     "Strange?  You call what we been havin' strange?  He gives his ample belly a profound slap, his double chin jiggling, as he chuckles while disdainfully shaking his head side to side.  "Boy, I'll have you know, that when I was your age, we wouldn'a even shrugged at your straaannge weather"

     "Mr. Haskel says, that we're makin' deserts where we had good land and swamps outta woods."

     "Boy!  Ain't nothin' happenin' on this here mudball that ain't already happened before!"

     He lifts his slightly dingy red NASCAR Cap off by the lid, covering the #24 embroidering with his right hand, while scratching the middle of his scalp with the same hand.  "Yeah, but, Mr. Haskel  says, that if we don't act fast, nothin' will ever be the same as it was or used to be."

     "Ever heard of the ice age boy!  Now, do you think them dinosaurs lived during that time? No!  They roamed and romped before then, and everybody know that lizards, likes it hot!"

     "Yeah, but, Mr. Hask..."

     "Mr. Haskel, Mr. Haskel", he whines, his voice dripping with condescension, as his head weaves from side to side momentarily.  "You ask that fancy pants, new teacher of yours, why if its gettin' hotter like he say, why then, do it still snow in the places it always snowed in", "As a matter a fact, you tell that..."

     A loud crack splits the brisk Alaskan air of the Kenai Fjords.  Passengers all over the tour boat stop and gape as the base of the exit glacier separated and slid into the Seward Harbor, raising the boat about 15 feet in the process, threatening to capsize the the tiny vessel and drown a good deal of its patrons.