Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flash Fic 55- Jan. 23rd Pic Prompt -- OneStopPoetry

     Irreplaceable is the woman who knows how to enjoy herself. The pungent smoke, wafting from her cigar, induced me to light fire to the hand-rolled Cuban I had been carrying this past year, in anticipation of a special occasion. My nearly imperceptible nod in her direction, leads to a genuine smile, followed by the lift of her porcelain-like chin and the exhale of wisps of smoke from smirking lips.


  1. Nice little flash for the prompt. Sets a good image, and I can see it, the Cubans in particular settling in quite nicely into the opulent scene...Enjoyment leading to enjoyment, a smile greets a smile, and the smoke rises in exultation. Lovely.

  2. Nice Flash response to the prompt. You develop such a sense of anticipation and positive expectations in 55. Great job working with the prompt. Cheers

  3. Always love a lady who can party. I really enjoyed this!