Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poem: Another Commencement

This poem will be my submission for One Shot Wednesday @One Stop  I just visited their site and I see they have a new prompt challenge up with a choice of 5 pictures from which to choose.  That just might be too tempting for me to pass up for a flash fiction 55 opportunity!

Busy, a description.

Used for a moment, a scene, a person.

Babies, kids, adolescents, adults:  elderly, mature, and young

walking and dancing with bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks.

Converge across sections.

Rush for the shining dome, to be first in.

Security, gatekeepers, proctors, officials:  high, lesser, and adjuncts

orbiting tables and stands of vendors of flowers, souvenirs, food, and other junk.

Precede the procession.

Robed carriers of distinct signs, skirt in.

Stone stairs, stadium seats, and removed field reserved for acts of fun

Associates, bachelors, masters, doctors all conferred from behind the podium.


  1. ok, you wore me out just in the reading...haha...we had 3 college graduations in town last week...over 30000 visitor just for one of say traffic was crazy is a gross under statement...

  2. Great job conveying your message!