Friday, October 4, 2013


This story was posted for: 

Flash! Friday # 44, Micro Fiction Contest

150 word story (no leeway this time) based on the photo prompt. Yep, keeping it short ‘n’ sweet again. (PS. Don’t get comfy there.)

Drinking fountain, Pataskala, OH. Photo by Kenn Kiser.

“Is that the one?”

“Yep,  I hear Mr. Dingleburg got his face burned right off!”

“No way!  How could a WATER fountain burn someone’s face off?!”

“Well, remember, the sides are always more than warm?”

“Yeah, So?”

“Well, heat inside the fountain is just hot enough to force the water up to the nozzle”

“Like Old Faithful, at that park we went to last summer”

“Yeah, just like that!”

“Alright then, why on earth does it come out, cold!”

“Simple,  an air-conditioned liquid is released when you press to drink.  That’s why the spout has two holes instead a’ one, and never tastes like water from the faucet.”


“Boys!  You come away from that fountain at once!”

“Yes, Mrs. Peterson”, they all said, each peeking back over his shoulder, wide-eyed at the yellow-taped water fountain.  One step ahead, of Mrs. Peterson, herding them down the hall towards their classroom.

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