Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Men Were Men!

Prompt: THEMED WORDLIST – Fist, Jab, Knuckle, Spirit, Fighter, Rhythm

     "Looks like this night's gonna get a bit more interesting", "check out who just stepped through the door".

     I continued drying the freshly dipped glasses [washed would be too strong of a word] and setting them upside down on the front shelf, for easy access.  "Grady" as we locals liked to refer to him, always entertained and seldom in a politically correct manner.  The funny thing being I've never heard him referred to any other way and the old goat responds in kind.

     "Hey Rummy, I could use another drink over here! ...a err shot a jack this time"

     I slide the shot down the bar with aplomb.  I'm Rummy by the way, in case you haven't guessed.  The regulars kinda gave me the name, on account of,  if you ask for a drink nondescriptly, you get RUM, the cheapest in the house, 'Mr. Boston Light Rum' to be exact.

     "Rummy!  Aint'ya got the fight in dis place!

     The sour stench of stale wine wafts from Grady's direction, whether from the all too familiar dark gray sweater jacket or his breath, who knows.  "Grady pipe down! It ain't for another hour or so. You know we got the fight tonight!  Any man with two marbles upstairs, can see this ain't the normal weekend crowd."  The place definitely has a different rhythm tonight, feels like the bar itself just might be holding its breath in anticipation.  I walk over, remembering at the last moment not to lean forward on the bar in my usual pose, not with Grady.

     "What's got you so worked up, aren't you always claiming that the fighters nowadays 'got no heart', one might think two of those Danbury, bare knuckle fighters you go on about,  will be fighting tonight."

     "Nah, nothin' like da real men of yor', when men were men!  But, dease two boys in da main got real spirit dough.  Mastah o' da jab day call one of 'em."  He slaps the bar top with a weathered hand, anticipation dancing in his glossy steel gray eyes.  He smiles displaying what's left of his teeth.  Easier time counting the ones he has left, rather than what's missing.

     A glass shatters on the floor, as a minor altercation starts up at the opposite end of the bar.  "Hey, break another one, and you'll see some fists flying, right here and now."


  1. Great story! I've got to find some time to finish mine beofore the deadline hits, but it isn't looking good.

  2. I like Grady! And I could almost smell the booze. Cool story!

  3. Great job with the accent. It really sets the tone. Weel done!


  4. Yes, I also really enjoyed the speech thing... and you can almost smell the bar. A great read!

  5. I continued drying the freshly dipped glasses [washed would be too strong of a word] - I love this line, I have always suspected this to be true in many establishments.

    Very nicely done, you have a tangible feeling of place in your story.

  6. What a cool place and a wacky bunch of characters. Just like a fight night visit to the neighborhood tavern down the block. Friendly and like family. Great story.